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Survey, Christianity in the 21st Century

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1) According to you, is there a God?

2) Do you think that there is life after death ?

3) According to you, who is Jesus ?

4) What influence does the life of Jesus have on today's society?

5) Do you beleive that Jesus will come back to earth ?

6) If Jesus really exists and he would come back today, what would that mean to you?

7) Do you have a Bible at home?

8) How many times per week do you read it?

9) Do you understand what you read?

10) What does the Bible signify to you?

11) What Church do your parents belong to?

12) Do you go to the same church?

13) If yes, how many times?

14) According to you, how do we become Christians?

15) If you had the opportunity, would you like to know more about the Bible ?

16) If yes, to which question would you want to find an answer in the Bible ?

17) Would you like to study this subject together with us?

Thank you !

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