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 We ate well and it was good, I even ate too much. I enjoyed it very user friendly. Testimonials are powerful stories.
I love and also dishes and of course the songs.


 The friendship and fraternity. We speak of good things from God. I'm mulsulmane confession. We have the same precepts of God's love, good words, to turn to God, give yourselves completely to God.


We enjoyed very much enjoyed the atmosphere. Excellent.


I enjoyed it, I had a great time, very good meal.


It's great we cannot see the time spent.


I think it brings in a lot lunch, especially on the spiritual plane. It was a highlight with a strong spiritual time.


It was a great moment. The meal was very good. I especially liked the movie we watched at the end. It touched me a lot and answered a few questions I asked that were unanswered.

Young girl

We've always had a thing and we recognize the different stories we hear.

Mature woman

 The stories are moving. This brings us a few things we had forgotten in our lives.

MAture man

This is really the time of testimony that I liked the most or the special guests set their life journey with God and how God is at the center of their lives even professional. These moments are very rewarding and interesting for all of us.